Makeup Tutorial: Sultry Everyday Neutrals Featuring Urban Decay Vegan Palette

I love love love neutral eyes! I also love sexy, smoky, sultry eyes, so for this look, I used the Urban Decay Vegan Palette to demonstrate my everyday Fall & Winter smoked-out neutral eyes! I don't always use this palette to achieve this look, but if you have any of the shades or the palette itself, give this look a try! If you don't have the exact products, no worries - you can use dupes!

Fitness Review: Planet Fitness

I've been a member of Planet Fitness since July & it's the first gym (of my choosing) that I've ever been a member of.

If you're looking for an affordable, intimidation-free gym, read on!

My Experience With PCOS: My Symptoms & How I Naturally Balance My Hormones

I did a post a while ago giving a brief glimpse into some of the health issues I've been dealing with. I'm a big proponent of doing things naturally & healing the body is no exception. After getting the lab results confirming the excess amounts of androgen & testosterone in my body (male hormones), I decided to heal my body the natural way. Now, I want to share my experience & what I have found has been working for me.

My Grocery Staples

Whenever I go grocery shopping, I always have meals in mind for the week. However, I always have a list of staples that I constantly keep in my kitchen to make meal preparation easier. If you are on a budget, stick with a list of essentials that will allow you some meal versatility! Also, I purchase organic whenever possible!

Beauty Review: Urban Decay Vegan Palette

The Urban Decay Vegan Palette was the first vegan makeup item (not to mention my first high-end item) I purchased 5 years ago for $36. To this day, it is my most-used & possibly most-loved makeup item I own.

My Top Tips For Going To Bed Early

I used to lament at the idea of going to bed before midnight. With this new job, though, anything past 10PM seems ridiculously late. I'm lucky if I can stay up til 11PM on weekends! Autumn brings with it a start of a new school/work schedule, so in honor of that, I'm sharing some tips that are part of my bedtime routine that help me go to bed earlier & fall asleep!

Blogging, Youtube, & Social Media

I was never into social media. I only got a Facebook last year & the rest of my social media a few months ago. I've developed more of an online presence than I ever thought I would, thanks to my passion for my vegan lifestyle. It's interesting to me how different people use social media for different things. Here is a brief breakdown of how I use social media to maximize my online identity.

Review: Stella Artois Beer

Now I don't know about you, but whenever I drink, I've always preferred fruity cocktails & fruity beer-like beverages (Mike's Hard). I'm getting into wine a bit now too, so overall my tastes are refining.

One thing I've never been into is beer. Sure, I've taken shots of Tecate in a few rousing rounds of beer pong, but I've never been the type to relax with one. John, on the other hand, is a fancy beer connoisseur. The darker & less-known, the better. He has some beer reviews & now a tequila review on his channel, so check him out & subscribe if you are into that stuff.

Tag: What's In My Makeup Bag?

I had mentioned in my What's In My Work Bag/Hand Bag video that I planned to do another video about what I kept in my makeup bag, however, I realized that I didn't keep enough products in my little bag to justify making a video (which would go up who-knows-when). So, I'm going to quickly go through my makeup bag essentials - products I always have on hand!

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