My Cruelty-Free Style + Eco-Vegan & Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips

Over the years, I've really experimented (for better or for worse) with fashion. My middle-school years were when I lived on 80's hand-me-downs. In high school, I tried both tighter, more revealing clothing (barf) in my first two years, while in my last two years I lived in jeans & polos.

In college, I dressed like a guy - big shirts, baggy sweats, basketball shorts. After college, I tried more of a girly style.

It's taken 26 years, but I've finally found a style that works for my body & makes me feel confident & powerful!

Bookclub Babes: Books I've Read #1 & Review: Black Radiance Full Effect Eye Set

Beauty Review: LA Color Sparkle Lip Gloss

I bought these lip glosses forever ago from my local dollar store for, well, $1. I thought the packaging was super cute & let's be real, even though they aren't 100% vegan (many products are vegan-friendly, but I'm not sure if these are), it's nice to have affordable cruelty-free make-up that's super accessible!

5 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick This Flu Season

My favorite time of year always comes with a risk of getting sick. I work with kiddos so the risk is even higher since little ones don't always practice the best hygiene. Today I'm going to share some precautions I take that will help to prevent any illness, such as a cold or flu (please keep in mind that this is not guaranteed - these tips will help, but I can't promise you won't get sick).

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Haul: Target & Whole Foods

I picked up a few new cruelty-free & vegan items from Target & Whole Foods (which I don't go to very often as the nearest one is 30 minutes away, so this is a special occasion) & I thought I would share them with you!

5 Tips For Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

Tis the season of holiday parties, Tofurky roasts, soynog, baked treats, & presents! Ah, my favorite time of the year! But just because the next few months tend to be more self-indulgent than others doesn't mean you should throw caution to the wind & binge on every pumpkin-flavored food within a 5-mile radius (#guilty). This year, enjoy your favorite treats & still meet all of your fitness goals!

My BIGGEST Tip For Financial Prosperity & Abundance

I work for a non-profit, meaning I don't make a whole lotta moolah. John is finishing up school, so we certainly are not loaded by any means. I bring up this point because I often get asked by my co-workers & other various acquaintances who are in the same boat as me how I can afford to buy mainly organic & make my purchases primarily from stores such as Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Safeway, & PetFood Express. Well, I'm about to reveal my secret!

Makeup Tutorial: Eyes Aglow Featuring Urban Decay Vegan Palette

This is a look I typically wear during the warmer months, but I wanted to share the last look I typically create with the Urban Decay Vegan Palette. Of course, I do create other looks with that palette, but this & the other 2 are my "staple" looks, if you will.

My Top 3 Makeup Tips When Wearing Glasses

Though I prefer wearing contacts, I will still frequently wear glasses to give my eyes a break & change up my look. Back in the day, you were made fun of for wearing glasses - now they've become a fashion accessory! Oh, how times have changed. I'm going to share my top 3 makeup tips for wearing glasses so that they don't overwhelm your face, but instead, enhance it!

Kitty Haul: PetFood Express

Yes, I have another cat haul. Yes, it's more clothes. They may be holiday themed. There may be a onesie involved. Don't judge me.

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